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"I chose David Lindahl to write this book because he's not only a highly successful investor, but he has a knack for clarity in explaining commercial real estate investing." - Donald Trump


Foreword by Donald Trump

The only way to run an organization as large as mine is to be highly efficient. The competition is simply too great to trust mere theory. Therefore I use tested and proven methods whenever possible.

I built Trump University on the same principle. If you're looking for nice-sounding theory, you won't find it in my organization. I've made sure that the curriculum is built on a rock-solid foundation of proven methods for building your business... More






"23 Most Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make, And How To Avoid Them." Why make the big blunders yourself, when you can "stand on my shoulders" and start that much farther ahead? Let me save you the grief, and show you the shortcuts.
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