You Don't Have to Be a Billionaire to Make It Big in Commercial Real Estate!

In Trump University Commercial Real Estate Investing 101, you'll discover how to:

  • Get started as a small investor
  • Understand and read market cycles
  • Attract deals and keep them coming
  • Use three different techniques for property valuation
  • Lock in your profit in the early stages of a deal
  • Perform due diligence and uncover the truth behind every deal
  • Take only smart risks and recognize bad deals before it's too late
  • Tap into financing sources and structure your deals
  • Develop a team that will keep your business going when it gets too big to handle alone
  • Do simple, smart things to maximize profits when you sell

For first-timers and experienced residential investors alike, Trump University Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 provides a clear path to breaking into the lucrative field of commercial investing. Combining the biggest name in business with lessons from a top real estate investor, this practical guide covers all the ins and outs of successful, profitable investing in apartment buildings and small commercial properties.

David Lindahl has been involved in close to 600 real estate deals and currently controls over $240 million in real estate. In each chapter, Lindahl covers the big issues in commercial investing by breaking them down into smaller, easily understood ideas in a straightforward, non-technical way. He explains step by step how you can get started in commercial investing or make the leap from residential markets to more profitable commercial markets.

Packed with investing lessons you'll be glad you didn't have to learn the hard way, this practical, hands-on guide not only shows you the ropes but keeps you from getting tangled up in bad deals. You'll discover how to get into the commercial investing game without a huge bankroll, how to read markets and buy at the perfect time, and how to lock in your profits early to guarantee a good deal.

Ideal as a stand-alone primer on commercial investing or as a companion text for Trump University real estate investing courses, Trump University Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 provides all the information and tactics you need to start making money with commercial properties now.

No matter where you live, this comprehensive, practical guide explains everything you need to know about profitable, successful commercial investing.